It would be a great pity to invest a lot of effort into supplying completely organic and recycled products and then have them shipped through highly pollutant daily deliveries. We therefore advise you to pick up your order in one of our pick-up points.

Point A is located in the city centre of Ghent and perfectly accessible by foot, by bike or by public transport.  Point B in Heusden is located along the ‘Schelde’. An ideal opportunity to combine your pickup with a beautiful cycling ride.  If you prefer to take your car anyway, maybe it’s an idea to combine your pickup with another (necessary) ride. In case of a personal pick-up, no shipping costs will be charged. 


Point A: Ghentsome VOF – Peperstraat 39 – 9000 GENT

Point B: Distribution – Zevengemede 40 – 9070 DESTELBERGEN

BE 0740.840.765 - E-mail: 


Thanks to our partnership with Cargo Velo, we are responding to the increasing demand to offer a fully-fledged, 100% sustainable bicycle parcel service in the city of Ghent.

In contrast to classic e-commerce deliveries where same day, or next day are usually the order of the day, Cargo Velo goes for a "slow but focused" approach. We, as an online webshop can subscribe to the delivery of your parcels in a number of fixed time slots on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Orders will be saved up throughout the week and bundled out towards the weekend.

The main features of Cargo Velo:

  • 100% sustainable deliveries by bicycle

  • within a radius of 5 km around the city centre of Ghent.

  • "focused" deliveries in fixed time slots of 3 hours on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

  • packages up to 10 kg

  • 1 fixed shipping rate of 7€ per parcel

  • extensive track possibilities



You can also opt for the well-known service of BPost-delivery. In this case, your parcel is sent in an ecological green bag, specially developed for the shipment of textiles. A track and trace code allows you to track your parcel at all times.

The cost for delivery and shipping is NOT included in our product price. To receive your long awaited order at home in Belgium, you pay a fixed amount of € 6,95. As soon as we receive your parcel, we will deliver it to Bpost in 1 to 3 working days. The parcel has a tracking code with which you can track the current status of your order. 

If your order fits in the mailbox, it will be delivered to your home with the regular mail. If the size of the order does not allow it, the parcel will be delivered to your home with Bpost. We like to get in touch… And so our postman does! Aren't you at home? Then have your parcel carefully delivered to a good neighbour! If you are not present at the time of this delivery, you will receive a written notification in the mailbox and you can pick up the parcel at the post office. If you wish, you can always enter your work address or the address of a neighbour or friend in the "delivery address" field during the ordering process.


Does another colour suits you better? Makes another style feel you more confident or does our product not entirely meet your expectations? We are always looking for a suitable solution! You get a fair right of returning your items within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery date. On our side we love fair customers who return goods in their original packaging. Given the correct pricing, the fact that we don’t have those extensive fast fashion margins and mainly because we want to limit our ecological footprint through all returns, we ask you to pay the shipping costs to return your items.

The longer the wait, the bigger the satisfaction. Especially if you are eagerly awaiting your Ghentsome-delivery! Yet, we ask you to check your long-expected package closely.

On our side, we promise to check your items carefully before shipment and ensure a high-quality packaging. Please take notice of our instructions below:

  1. You may return items after notification via email to
    We can expect an answer within 3 working days, as soon you received an answer on your e-mail, you can return your package to this address: Ghentsome VOF, Zevengemede 40, 9070 Heusden.

  2. You return your product in its original, unworn state (including labels) within 14 calendar days from the day following on the delivery date at your own expense.

  3. As soon as we receive the items in their original condition, we will refund the amount due (except shipping costs) within 30 days on the bank account used during the ordering procedure. You will receive a confirmation email.

  4. We totally understand you can't wait to check out the impact of your Ghentsome clothing on your environment, but in this case we have confidence that you didn't wear our clothes. If our products show signs of being used or damaged caused by third parties, we reserve the right to refuse your return.

  5. Exceptionally, you might find damage to the items you ordered. Don’t panic, we’ll fix it! We ask you to notify us immediately by email with a photo of the damaged item.





PEPERSTRAAT 39 - 9000 GENT - hellothere@ghentsome.beBE0740.840.765