Who or what is Ghentsome (VOF)?

GHENTSOME VOF is a 100% Belgian company with its roots in the lovely city of Ghent. Ghentsome as a brand stands for sustainable, elegant and playful fashion for positive, passionate and self-confident people who charm others by their mysterious and flirty attitude. We see the right clothes as an excellent way to get in touch!

Who is behind this Ghentsome brand?

Ghentsome is the proud result of the effort we, Sofie and Miguel,took to develop a sustainable, playful and elegant collection for passionate, positive and self-confident people. Our story? Soulmates at first sight since we became colleagues in higher education in september 2017. From that moment onward, that memorable brainstorm for our very first project, we knew it… We strenghten each other’s creativity, work pleasure and passion. Both fan of inspiring statements and hungry for new adventures we launched Ghentsome. A new brand in clothing & lifestyle to reflect our ’passionality’ and providing new oxygen for our entrepreneurial ambitions. Get in touch! We love to stick with people who pull the magic out of us!





PEPERSTRAAT 39 - 9000 GENT - hellothere@ghentsome.beBE0740.840.765